Robotic Fabrication of Acoustic Brick Walls

Vomhof, Max1, Lauren Vasey1, Stefan Bräuer2, Kurt Eggenschwiler3, Jurgen Strauss4, Fabio Gramazio1  and Matthias Kohler1

1 Chair of Architecture and Digital Fabrication at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH, Zürich, Switzerland
2 REHAU AG & Co, Germany
3 Empa, Laboratory for Acoustics/Noise Control, Duebendorf, Switzerland
4 Strauss Electroacoustics, Bern, Switzerland

ACADIA 14: Design Agency [Proceedings of the 34th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) ISBN 9781926724478]Los Angeles 23-25 October, 2014), pp. 555-564

This collaborative research project demonstrates the viability of using robotic fabrication and industrial polymer technologies in the fabrication of highly versatile and individually designed acoustically performative walls. Driven by the formal parameters which significantly impact the acoustics of a space through diffusion, in particular differentiated and aperiodic surface depth, a customizable system and fabrication process was developed in which an injection moulded element and a secondary insert are placed uniquely by robot and then joined through a process of ultra-sonic welding.